The Raptor Pack is expanding in time for the Weekend Double Header! Day 1

The Raptor Pack is expanding in time for the Weekend Double Header! Day 1

Ah, my Poké-mates, prepare yourselves for a riveting ride through all nine-tales of Brisbane's latest Pokémon League Cup adventures! With Good Games Brisbane and Pokidoll on the Gold Coast as our stage, it was a show greater than Dancing with the Staryu’s.

Right off the Golbat Good Games Brisbane hosted a whopping 59 competitors, across 3 divisions on Saturday all battling it out to be the Champion of the Pokéman’s. In the junior division, budding trainers converged, their eyes gleaming with the sparkle of a shiny Pokémon. Gus, bidding a bittersweet farewell to the era of Mew VMAX, embarked on his final journey with the mythical powerhouse by his side. Meanwhile, Harry, with the Flamin' Hot Cheeto Charizard, aimed to scorch his way to Victini. Alas, the cards didn't align for Harry, who finished the day in a respectable 7th place, his determination for those last few Championship Points burning brighter than Ho-Oh’s flames.

But let's not forget the rising stars: Charlie, Rhys, and Gabriel, whose skills shone brighter than a Jirachi's wish. It was a showdown of little titans as Gus and Charlie, two friends, battled it out in the finals. Mew versus Giratina, legendary versus mythical—the tension was palpable! In the end, Gus emerged triumphant, securing his top 4 placement in Australia, his victory a testament to skill, strategy, and perhaps a sprinkle of Poké-luck.

And let's give a warm welcome to the dynamic Doduo, Kye and Montana, the newest recruits to Team Raptor! With their experience and amity, they sure are shaking things up on the Brisbane scene. 

*Gus loves a good photo opportunity

Now, onto the Masters where seasoned trainers showcased their aptitude with decks as diverse as a Ditto's transformations. From Ida's Roaring Moon to Kye's Paradox Box and Montana's Arc RegiDrago, the battlefield was alive with strategy and cunning. Montana, danced on the edge of greatness, finishing 30th just shy of the coveted top 50 percentile. Kye, the locksmith of the Paradox Box, pulled off dazzling manoeuvrers to secure a spot in the top 8, only to face the heroic Iron Valiant in a joust for the dark ages. They were down to 1-1 which left the 3rd match as the decider. Unfortunately Kye couldn’t jimmy the lock in time before Iron Valiant busted his box open, resulting in a loss for Kye and 8th place overall. Though victory eluded him this time, Kye's ingenuity and tenacity are sure to carry him far in future battles.

But the true tale of the day was Ida's journey—a phoenix rising from the ashes after some time off. She has been on a roll these past few weeks with a 3rd place finish at the Sunny Coast Card House and a 5th place finish Gametraders Chermside Cups, she blazed her way through the competition, her eyes set on the grand prize: World Championship points. With each match, she demonstrated resilience, adaptability, and a fiery determination that rivals even the mightiest of Pokémon.

Round after round she caused a calamity storm, barrelling into top 8. She then roared through Giratina and Iron Valiant, into the finals against Natalie Millar (one of the best in the country) and her hardy Gardy garden. It was down to the third match as the decider. Ida just needed an Iono to disrupt Natalie’s hand just in case she had the one win con, that one Boss to give the order to Gardevior for the take down. She couldn’t get to the Iono and Natalie had the Boss, dragged a 2 prizer to the active and took the knock for the win! Though victory slipped through her fingers like a slippery Magikarp, Ida emerged from the battlefield stronger, wiser, and more determined than ever.

The Team take respite for the night only to do it all again Sunday for Day 2!

Click here for Day 2!


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