Weekend Double Header Gold Coast - Day 2

Weekend Double Header Gold Coast - Day 2

Now for Sunday, it was wetter than a Vaporeon at Wet n Wild. But did that dampen our spirits? Not a chance! Everyone piled into their cars for a road trip down to the not so sunny Gold Coast. Gus, Harry, Lucan for the Juniors, KJ for the Seniors and Kye, Montana, Edin and Daal for the Masters.

Well what can I say, the Raptor Juniors totally caused a Typhlosion by taking out 2nd, 3rd and 4th places!!! All securing more Championship Points for Worlds! While Gus did secure 2nd place and Harry 4th the star of the day was Lucan who punched his ticket to Worlds!!! Hawaii here he comes!! He was running round the room like a World Cup soccer player, flying the Raptor flag high! Congrats to our friend Charlie for taking the win, you and Gus are some mighty contenders.

A certain author also forgot to mention Lucan won the Chermside Gametraders Cup the other week which contributed to this milestone. 

KJ was the only Senior…. he won! It’s lonely at the top like a Cubone missing its mother.

Again the Masters meta for the day was just a diverse as the previous days Cup. Everything from Gardy, Lost box, Arceus, Roaring Moon, Chien-Pao it was Safari Zone of fun. It was 5 rounds of battling for Masters, Coach Edin learned a valuable lesson—never borrow someone else's deck without practicing first. Someone spray that man with the golden cheese string for next time! Daal went in with Charizard and came out with a pile of Mew’s ashes but couldn’t finish the day out. Oh what could have been!

Montana bounced into the final round against Roaring Moon on 2 wins - 2 losses, she had all the potential to make top cut with one more win. Unfortunately she saw the dark side of the moon with both matches being donks. Not even the God of Pokémon could see the light of day. The highlight of the Cup for Montana her 49-minute nail-biter against Snorlax Stall, with her taking all 6 prizes with just one minute to spare!

Kye and Ida were in the same Pokeball needing their 5th round to be wins, Though fate paired them against each other, they duked it out like true Pokémon masters. Kye unleashed the full force of his Pandora’s box and the Moon of Roaring was overwhelmed with misfortune. But hey Ida, every setback is just a setup for a comeback!

*image credit S.Ivanoff

And with that Kye made Top 8! The quarter final was against Lost Giratina, a match up that Kye is well versed in and was an easy win. In a turn of events he was up against another Roaring Moon in the Semi Finals. Both matches he lost, with his Paradox Box, slamming the breaks and smashing up against a brick wall. In the end, Kye clinched 3rd place, just 18 championship points away from his Worlds invite!

So, fellow trainers, as we bid adieu to another epic weekend of Poké-battles, remember: whether you're riding high like a flying Pikachu or feeling low like a defeated Jigglypuff, the journey is what makes us true Pokémon masters. Until next time, keep shuffling those decks, honing those strategies, and may your Poké-luck be as abundant as Rare Candies in a PokéMart!

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