Team Raptor's Clever Girls Show The Boys How It's Done

Team Raptor's Clever Girls Show The Boys How It's Done

Greetings, fellow trainers! It was a quiet Easter weekend in Brisbane. While the juniors and seniors were off gallivanting with their families, the masters snuck out to play, and boy, did they put on a show!

Raptor Games hosted their March challenge on Saturday. KJ, the sole senior samurai, slung sharp Scythers on an empty stage, unfulfilled by the “win”. 

But let's talk about the real MVPs, the clever girls of Team Raptor, who swooped in and dominated the scene! Ida finishing 1st, with her trusty Roaring Moon by her side, didn't loose a single game all day, proving she's the queen of the Dark arena. Montana wasn't far behind finishing 2nd, piloting a deck that's like the Concorde of Pokémon – Arceus, sleek, fast, and unstoppable. She danced in the shadows of Roaring Moon, pulling off a move straight out of a chess match, leaving her opponents scratching their heads. And let's give a round of applause to Jess, whose Gholdengo strutted its cheesy stuff into a well-deserved 4th place, her first top 4 finish at a premier event!

*Kudos to Xaria for pulling off 3rd place showing that gardy is still strong.

While everyone else was stuffing their faces with Easter eggs, Coach Edin held down the fort at the Good Games Brisbane Challenge on Easter Sunday. Mew? Check. Zoroark? Checkmate. Gardevior? A draw, but no sweat. And then came Chein-pao, falling like dominoes before him. Edin clinched second place, just missing out on 1st place by the skin of his teeth, locked in a battle of win percentages. So close, yet so far, but hey, second place isn't too shabby!

This was the last weekend of one of the most interesting meta's in recent Pokémon TCG history, we bid adieu! 

Team Raptors' clever girls are proving once again that they're not here to play games – well, except for Pokémon, of course! Until next time, keep slinging those Pokéballs, trainers!

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