Team Raptor Soars at the Pokidoll Collectables Pokémon League Cup!

Team Raptor Soars at the Pokidoll Collectables Pokémon League Cup!

Greetings, Pokémon TCG enthusiasts! Today, let's dive into the electrifying battles that unfolded at the recent Pokidoll Collectables Pokémon League Cup, where Team Raptor showcased their skills and strategies in both the Juniors, Seniors and Masters divisions.

Juniors Division:

Gustavo, our resident World Championships veteran, made a bold move by unleashing Roaring Moon for the first time in his competitive play journey. Despite his courage, he faced formidable opponents in the form of a turbo Chien-Pao and a mirror match Roaring Moon. Gustavo's resilience shone through, earning him a commendable 3rd place overall.

Adele's journey was equally riveting, finishing the day in 4th place. The highlight of her matches was a stunning comeback against Gardy, proving that even the majestic Purple Garden couldn't withstand the lightning-fast pace of Chien-Pao.

Seniors Division:

In the Seniors division, Team Raptor's trio—Elliott, Henry, and KJ—brought forth some spicy decks to compete against the fierce competition. Elliott and KJ opted for the house favourite Miriadon, while Henry showcased his unique spin on Gardy. 

Elliott's performance, with a 1/1/1 record, secured him 4th place. He blitzed through Gardy, faced a tough match against Lost Goodra, and managed a tie with the speedy Chien-Pao.

The highlight of the Seniors division was KJ's spectacular performance, earning him the coveted title of Champion with an impressive 3-0 record! In his matches KJ displayed the versatility of his Lightning Lizard deck, outsmarting the rapid Chien-Pao strategy twice over and the Heavy Boi Lostbox Goodra. This is now his 2nd consecutive Pokémon League Cup win!

Henry, with his specialty Gardy deck, added an exciting twist to the Seniors division battles. Though he faced tough opponents, his strategic plays and unique card choices left a lasting impression on spectators. His amazing spirit and perseverance sheds light on all his matches.  

Masters Division:

Coach Edin's journey with Roaring Moon was nothing short of epic. Facing off against two of Australia's top-ranked players who wielded Gardy and Mew, he encountered the most challenging and satisfying matches of his competitive career. These battles provided Coach Edin with invaluable insights, surpassing the knowledge gained from a year's worth of casual games. The experience was a testament to the depth and unpredictability of the Pokémon TCG meta.

Josie, the Palkia specialist of Team Raptor, displayed her determination by facing Dark Charizard twice during the tournament. Eager to enhance her gameplay, Josie embraced the challenge, setting her sights on mastering the Charizard deck for future competitions. Her commitment to diversifying her strategies reflects the continuous evolution of a true Pokémon TCG Master.

Brandon's Charizard deck took center stage as he secured a spot at one of the top tables. The excitement reached new heights as his match was streamed live with UnlimitedBilly, showcasing the thrill and intensity of competitive Pokémon TCG battles. Brandon's strategic prowess and live-streamed success further solidified Team Raptor's reputation in the Pokémon TCG community.

Carmela, wielding her trusty Gardy deck, achieved impressive victories, notably against Miraidon. Her consistent performance highlighted the strength and adaptability of the Gardy archetype in the competitive landscape.

Jess, piloting Miraidon, engaged in a memorable and fun match against Coach Edin. Their spirited duel not only showcased the camaraderie within Team Raptor but also highlighted the joy that comes from competitive Pokémon TCG battles. Jess's infectious enthusiasm adds a unique flavour to every match she undertakes.


Team Raptor's journey at the Pokidoll Collectables Pokémon League Cup was nothing short of thrilling. From Gustavo's daring debut of Roaring Moon to KJ's dominant performance with Miriadon, each member of the team showcased their dedication and skill in the Pokémon TCG arena. As the Pokémon TCG competitive scene continues to evolve, we can't wait to see what innovative strategies Team Raptor brings to future tournaments. Stay tuned for more updates and insights into the ever-expanding world of Pokémon Trading Card Game!

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