Team Raptor Dominates the Double Header Weekend: Brisbane Pokémon League Cups

Team Raptor Dominates the Double Header Weekend: Brisbane Pokémon League Cups

2nd-3rd December 2023

This past weekend, the Pokémon TCG community in Brisbane witnessed an electrifying double-header event as Team Raptor descended upon the Centurion Collectables and Good Games Brisbane Pokémon League Cups. The highlight of the weekend was the outstanding performance of Team Raptor's three divisions: Juniors, Seniors, and Masters. In particular, Gustavo's and KJ’s dominating run in the Junior and Senior divisions, and Coach Edin's strategic skill in the Masters showcased the team's collective strength and versatility.

Centurion Collectables - Saturday 2 December

Gustavo's Narrow Miss 

The Centurion Cup presented a challenging start for Team Raptor, with Gustavo being the sole representative to secure a spot due to the player cap. Piloting his trusty Gardy deck, Gustavo displayed impressive skill and determination, finishing the day in 2nd place. The intensity reached its peak when both Gustavo and his opponent accumulated 9 points (3-3-0). However, despite the tie, Gustavo's opponent edged ahead with a higher Win %. The narrow miss at Centurion only fuelled Team Raptor's determination for the upcoming battles.

Good Games Brisbane - Sunday 3 December 

Junior Division - Gustavo's Turbo Charged Gardy Deck:

Gustavo, representing Team Raptor in the Junior division, piloted his turbo-charged Gardy deck to perfection. The deck, featuring the Scream Tail, caught opponents off guard, securing crucial knockouts throughout the day. Gustavo finished the League Cup with an impressive 4-0-1 record, earning him a whopping 13 points and securing the top spot in the competition. The deciding match against Mew Vmax showcased Gustavo's skills as he emerged victorious, further solidifying his standing as a rising star in the junior division.

Senior Division - KJ's Lightning Lizards Reign Supreme:

In the Senior division, the spotlight was on KJ, the new kid on the block. Facing tough matchups against Iron Valiant and Mew VMax, KJ demonstrated resilience and strategic prowess. Despite these challenges, he managed to secure a remarkable 3-2-1 record, earning him 10 points for the day. Notably, KJ's victory in the mirror match and against Chien-Pao and Gardevoir crowned him the King of the Lightning Lizards! He is making waves in the local Brisbane scene and establishing himself as a force to be reckoned with.

Senior Division - Elliot's Endurance and Determination:

Elliot, another Senior division competitor from Team Raptor, faced a series of tough matchups against Entei Iron Valiant, Turbo Chien-Pao and the mirror match, finishing the day with a 1-2-3 record. Despite the challenges, Elliot's determination shone through, and he successfully navigated through the day without his alter ego "Scoops" making an appearance. 😜 His resilience earned him a respectable 3rd place finish, proving that perseverance pays off in the competitive Pokémon TCG scene.

Master Division - Coach Edin's Strategic Brew:

Coach Edin, representing the Masters division, brought his unique brew of Giratina Lost Box to the premier event. Quick strategizing and reformulating were the keys to his success, as he faced a diverse range of opponents. Notable wins against Chien-Pao Ice Rider and Chien-Pao Arceus showcased Coach Edin's adaptability. Although he encountered losses against Lost Box Zard and Miraidon, his overall performance placed him19th with a 2-2-2 record. His first premier event of the season was a solid effort, setting the stage for future successes. Maybe at the next one someone will cut him off from the RedBulls, let’s hope he survived the night!


Team Raptor's stellar performance in the double-header weekend at Centurion Collectables and Good Games Brisbane Pokémon League Cup is a testament to the team's skill, determination, and versatility across all age divisions. As they continue to make waves in the local Pokémon TCG scene, Team Raptor is up and coming, and their future endeavours will be closely watched by the Pokémon community in Brisbane and beyond.

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