Bundaberg's Battlefield was a Blast!

Bundaberg's Battlefield was a Blast!

Alright, fellow Pokémon aficionados, gather 'round and brace yourselves for the latest scoop fresh from the battlefield! This past weekend was an absolute whirlwind of electrifying battles as our squad descended upon Team Card Titan in Bundaberg, Queensland for a Pokémon Cup, and let me tell you, it was a spectacle to behold!

First off, let's give a roaring welcome to the newest members of our illustrious team: Owen, the seasoned Senior sage of the game, whose insight could rival even the most seasoned veterans, and Harry H, the rising Junior star whose potential knows no bounds! With these two joining our ranks, we're practically unstoppable!In the Junior division, our trio of Gus, Harry D, and the formidable young Harry H made the pilgrimage to Bundaberg. Gus soared to the top of the leaderboard, clinching that coveted 1st place spot, while Harry D and Harry H secured impressive 4th and 5th place finishes respectively. All the kids were buzzing around like electrified Joltiks, leaving their opponents in a state of shock and awe! These kids are setting the stage on fire, I tell you!

And now, let's shift our gaze to the Masters division, where Coach Edin and the gang showed everyone what they're made of! Kye may have narrowly missed out on the top 8 by a hair's breadth, but fear not, for he's already punched his ticket to the World Championships and was as cool as a Glaceon in an ice storm!! Montana, Ida, and Cody bulldozed their way into the top 8 like a Donphan with sheer dominance, wielding Lugia, Charizard, and Turbo Hands decks like seasoned pros. And let's not forget Coach Edin, who piloted his revamped Gardevoir deck all the way to the top 4!

Congratulations to our friend Jake for taking out first place!!!

But the real icing on the Alcremie cake? Our very own Ida and Harry D clinching their coveted World Championships invites! Talk about a double whammy of excellence! With 90% of our squad teetering on the brink of glory and only a month of premier events left to seal the deal, the pressure is palpable. But mark my words, my fellow trainers, this team is destined for greatness, and I have full faith that they'll seize victory with all the finesse of a masterful Pokémon Trainer!

Meanwhile on Sunday the Team headed down to the local Bunnings to fundraise for them to travel to the World Championship. It was great to see so much support for our cause! If you wish to donate please go to our GoFundMe.

So, buckle up, Pokémon enthusiasts, because the journey to the World Championships just got a whole lot more thrilling! Stay tuned for more epic showdowns, dazzling strategies, and of course, plenty of cheeky banter!

*photo credits to Team Card Titan

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