Another Overly Cheesy Raptor Episode

Another Overly Cheesy Raptor Episode

Brisbane Trainer’s are you ready for another over the top, Lickitung in cheek episode of Team Raptor’s shenanigans? Last Friday night’s Pokémon League Challenge at Gametraders Chermside turned into Team Raptor’s personal playground for the second week in a row. It’s like they have a secret Rare Candy stash!

Photo: 90s fishbowl for dramatic effect

In the juniors division, Gus is on fire, torching the competition with his trusty Charizard. It seems his second-place finish at the Melbourne Regionals was like evolving from a Charmander to a Charmeleon – newfound confidence and all! Meanwhile, Harry was right behind Gus with a second place finish, his pursuit of the World Championship invite is on track. Both Gus and Harry are definitely showing Ash a thing or two on how to train a Charizard! Maddie the face of the Level Ball Podcast (go check it out on X @LevelBallPod) slid into third place, can’t wait to see her top performance at EUIC in London.

Switching gears to the seniors division, where Elliott, with his partner Charizard, turned last weekend’s performance into a sequel worth watching. First place, baby! Elliott’s been grinding at the local Team Raptor Gym, and it’s paying off like a jackpot on the Game Corner slots. KJ, our hero stepping out of his comfort zone in the best of 1 format, to support his team mates, bagged a 3rd place finish with Gholdengo. The seniors’ top decks were a wild mix of Charizard, Gholdengo, and LostBox. Each player had their wins and losses, creating a battlefield where strategy reigned supreme.

Now, let’s zoom in on Coach Edin - the golden cheese connoisseur of the Masters division, blinged out like a Luxray at a disco. Rounds 1-4 were a Charizard parade, with Edin at the helm, a commander in chief with Gholdengo rounding them up. 

As the evening unfolded, Round 5 was cinematic clash between Edin and his friend, Kye, armed to the teeth with a LostBox arsenal. Kye, a LostBox veteran, approached the match like a chess grandmaster eyeing checkmate. Coach Edin, undefeated until this moment, was Pikachu with a charged-up Thunderbolt ready to strike.

Edin’s winning streak faced a formidable end as the cards didn’t align for Coach Edin this time, but the sportsmanship displayed between the two rivals was a scene straight out of a Pokémon movie – heartfelt and unforgettable.

As they shook hands, Edin congratulated Kye on the win and the thrill of the game. This is what makes the Pokémon TCG community more connected than a Chansey with a Lucky Egg – fierce competitors in the arena, but friends outside of it. Team Raptor and friends, not just slinging cards but scripting legendary tales!


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