A Pack of Raptors Descends on Queensland

A Pack of Raptors Descends on Queensland

Queensland witnessed a spectacular rise in temperatures as Team Raptor dispersed to multiple Premier Pokémon Events.

The Team brought the heat to Centurion Collectables in Morayfield at their February League Challenge. Edin, Daal, KJ, and Zawia were like a synchronized evolution, claiming victory across all divisions – Masters, Seniors, and Juniors. Edin and KJ, the Gholdengo dynamic duo, went undefeated, leaving opponents scratching their heads like confused Psyducks. The meta was not as diverse as a Safari Zone with Charizard and Gholdengo emerging as the most prevalent.

Meanwhile, Elliott, Harry, and Lucan embarked on a quest to the semi-deep west at CTC in Sumner, armed with Charizard decks hotter than a Magmar's flames. Lost Box Giratina threw a curveball, but hey, every hero needs a challenging rival, right? Lucan bulldozed into top cut, finishing 3rd overall! Proving that determination and solid strategy pointers from Coach Edin are a winning combo. Elliott slid into 4th place for Seniors, Harry finished 8th for Juniors, this left rivals questioning their life choices like a Jigglypuff's lullaby.

Gus, the Charizard virtuoso, lit a fire under Bundaberg at the Unleashed Pokemon League Cup. Roaring moon and Miraidon tried to steal the show, but Gus defended his position going undefeated, like a Steelix guarding its territory. Another Cup win for Gus!!!

Kudos to some friends Wes, Montana, and Kye, the masters trio that dominated Bundaberg like a trio of legendary birds. These rising stars are like Unown – mysterious, powerful, and bound for the World Championships stage.

Brace yourselves, Pokémon Trainers – Team Raptor is soaring towards glory like a Pidgeot in the open skies! 🔥🦖 #TeamRaptor #GottaCatchEmAll

Photo Credits: Unleashed TCG

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