Team Raptor Triumphs with Charizard EX at the Card House!

Team Raptor Triumphs with Charizard EX at the Card House!

It's time for another exciting recap of a recent tournament, and this time, Team Raptor stole the spotlight at the Sunshine Coast Pokémon League Cup. Apologies for any confusion in our previous blog – turns out, the Pokidoll Cup wasn't the grand finale after all. The Card House located at the Sunshine Coast played host to the latest event, and it looks like this one truly marked the end of the year for the Southeast Queensland (SEQ) region.

Team Raptor, known for their innovative deck-building, took the stage with Gustavo, KJ, and Coach Edin representing the Juniors, Seniors, and Masters divisions, respectively. What caught everyone's attention? They all piloted the fearsome Charizard EX!

Junior and Senior Victories:

Gustavo and KJ emerged as the champions of their respective divisions, showcasing the power of Charizard EX in unique ways. Gustavo blazed through the competition, conquering the mirror match in round 1 and defeating Miraidon in round 3. KJ displayed equal expertise, securing victories in rounds 1 and 3 against Chien-Pao.

Team Clash in Round 2:

A fascinating moment occurred in round 2 when Gustavo and KJ faced off against each other. The match resulted in a draw, demonstrating the intense competition within Team Raptor. Familiarity with each other's playstyles from training days made this round particularly challenging, but both players exhibited great sportsmanship.

Masterful Performance by Coach Edin:

Coach Edin had a standout day, finishing 2nd in the main tournament with an impressive 11 points (3/0/2) and with the Highest Opponents Win % of 68.67%. His matches showcased the strength of his Charizard EX deck. Notably, he secured wins against formidable opponents like Roaring Moon, Charizard flavoured Lost Box and Lost Box.

Top 8 Spectacle Unfolds:

As the Card House Pokémon League Cup reached its crescendo, the Top 8 elimination rounds brought forth a showdown that will be remembered for its intensity and unexpected twists. Coach Edin, representing Team Raptor, found himself facing off against a formidable opponent, Chien-Pao, in a duel that would test their strategic acumen to the limits.

The tension in the air was palpable as Coach Edin and Chien-Pao shuffled their decks and prepared for battle. Both players, well aware of each other's skills, entered the match with a game plan, but the unpredictable nature of the Pokémon TCG meant that adaptability would be key.

Coach Edin, known for his calculated plays, made a surprising move early in the game by playing Lumineon V (HP 170) to leverage its on-play Supporter search ability. This decision, however, left him vulnerable to Chien-Pao's unexpected tech card – Iron Hands EX. Lumineon, boasting a 2X weakness to lightning, found itself at the mercy of his opponents lightning-empowered assault.

As his opponent took advantage of Lumineon's weakness and claimed three prizes straight from the outset, Coach Edin faced an uphill battle. However, Coach Edin, demonstrating resilience and strategic brilliance, began chipping away at the lead slowly bringing the match back to an even playing field with one prize card each!

With both players locked in a fierce exchange of moves, the match reached a critical point. Coach Edin, just one turn away from victory, had the odds in his favour. The spectators, including fellow competitors, watched in awe as the game approached its climax.

This dramatic match was the only one to go to time during the first of the Top 8 rounds, adding an extra layer of suspense. As the seconds ticked away, the crowd was on the edge of their seats. The strategic depth, decision-making, and resource management on display left spectators in awe.

In a move that caught everyone off guard, this opponent revealed a fourth copy of the main attacker that had proven pivotal – a fourth Chien-Pao! With the necessary energy in hand, Chien-Pao executed a well-timed attack, knocking out one more of Coach Edin's Pokémon and securing the win.

Despite the intensity of the battle, both Coach Edin and Chien-Pao displayed exceptional sportsmanship. The respect between the players and the acknowledgment of the skill demonstrated on both sides resonated throughout the venue.


The Card House Pokémon League Cup proved to be an exhilarating end-of-year showdown for the SEQ region, with Team Raptor and other competitors showcasing their mastery of their chosen decks. As the Pokémon TCG community eagerly awaits the new year, we can only wonder what innovative strategies and thrilling moments lie ahead in the competitive landscape. Stay tuned for more updates and insights into the exciting world of Pokémon TCG! 

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